POLICE of Riau Island, Special Crime Directorate ( Ditkrimsus ) reveals three cases violations of currency transactions . Police arrested the owner of the restaurant and the cashier Cafe . Though not detined, but police said that they are suspected.

By the date, first arrested, October 19, 2014. One of restaurant in Nagoya served two group of foreigners. Then they paid by Singapore dollars, not Rupiah as Indonesian currency.

“We interrogated waitress and cashier. Then notify that foreign currency transactions are prohibited in Indonesia. I told them,” Police Director of the Special Criminal Investigation, Kombes Syahardianto said.

Nor only in Batam. by the time December 16 and three days later, on December 19, 2014, police rearrested transactions by using dollars again. “Lagoi as a tourist area in Bintan, so many similar case about currency transaction founded,” Syahardianto said.

In such case, Dahlia Fitriani as a cashier suspected. “Our team also secured receipt and Singapore dollar directly,” again Syahardianto said.

According to Indonesian Act (UU) No.7 of 2011 about Currency, mentioned that each transaction in Indonesian area must use Rupiah. For those who violated , convicted of one year and a fine of Rp 200 million.

“Lets keep the Rupiah as the official currency of our country. We must proud of it. This act dedicated also to all tourist in Indonesia, especially in Batam. Please used Indonesian Rupiah (IDR, red) as currency transaction in Indonesian area, especially in Batam ,” Syaharuddin said. (cha)

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