– With the ups and downs in the value of the Indonesian Rupiah againts the US Dollar as always have impact to the money changer converted.

According to Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate (Jisdor) of Bank Indonesia, the rupiah against the US Dollar edged up by 39 points or 0.29 percent, its especially compared a day before.

On Saturday (6/3), the rupiah stayed at level 12.983 by the dollar.

On this condition of downgrade currency converter, Governors of Bank Indonesia Agus Martowardojo said depression factor because of external case.

“the value of the rupiah is depressed when currency transaction have high demand for dollars,” Martowardojo said.

He explained, a high demand for the US dollar will completely by the transaction of the foreign exchange by a number of people, including businessman.

By this case, he wanted to all the businessman order the rupiah in all transaction. ”

” We want to preserve the dignity of the rupiah in our country Indonesia. We also have to created stable of the rupiah against the foreign currency rate. Lets proud of rupiah,” He warns. (cha)

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