Tanjunguncang, pusat industri galangan kapal terbesar di Indonesia. Kawasan ini berpotensi menjadi salah satu zona KEK, sehingga industri di sana tak perlu lagi relokasi. Foto: istimewa
Tanjunguncang, one of shipyard industry in Batam.

batampos.co.id РBatam island is growing rapid place, especially after the central govenment of Republic oh Indonesia established Batam as a Free Trade Zone in Indonesia based on laws. Undang-undang no 44/2007 and Govenrment regulation, Peraturan Pemerintah  no 46/7007

Up to December 2014  the value of invesment in Batam has shown a signification growth with total value of 17,71 billon USD

Up to December 2014 Batam has 1.699 foreign manufacturing plant where mostly are in electronic and shipyard industry.

Currently there are more than 38 countries have been investing in Batam, Such as Singapore, South Korea, China, British Virgin Island, Malaysia, Australia, USA, England, Germany, Taiwan, Netherland and Japan.

Batam has become one of the growth engines of Indonesia.

Batam providing employment for 336,562 workers, contributing a substantial amount of income tax to the central government; as well as yielding 15% of national non oil-ang-gas export value.

Batam always welcome to invest.

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