– There is an office revolution happening at the moment.

Office designs are going through an upheaval, space is being utilised in different ways, and the latest trend is for outdoor offices.

In Silver Springs, Maryland experiments are underway to see if such offices can work or not. The area being developed by The Peterson Cos., is a 20-seater featuring desks, chairs, electrical outlets and wireless Internet service, with the aim of getting employees, who are typically chained to their desk all day, to take a step outside.

The project, named Outbox, was designed by students from Montgomery College studying applied technology and will be open to public viewings during that time. This runs on the back of the popularity of pop up expeditions and shops , which are all the rage.

The designers see it as a place where creativity can flow, that is not stifled by forcing people to be locked inside. Being in fresh air is better for the brain, providing a rich source of oxygen that air conditioning simply can’t compete with.

“The idea of taking the office outside is something that could work really well in Indonesia, said Mart Polman, managing director of Lamudi Indonesia, the online property platform. The weather is warm enough and Indonesians love to be outside, we expect this will be a hit here too in the future.”

Other trends in office design include the OfficePOD which provides an opportunity to create office spaces in underused areas such as lightwells and atria. One of the key benefits of the pod is the quick time it takes to construct, with no disruption to the existing building, allowing business as usual to continue. The pod can easily be dismantled and moved if a better use for it transpires.

Another trend observable in the modern office is the emphasis on bringing the outdoors in. Reclaimed wood panel installations, exposed concrete flooring and artwork are all now on-trend office interior designs. This trend goes hand in hand with bringing the home into the office creating a cozy natural feel to the office environment. ***

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