– Jakarta is winning four prestigious awards at the Anugerah Pangripta Nusantara 2016 and the Millennium Development Goals 2016.

The awards, which were a first in Jakarta’s history, came in the categories of Province with the Best Planning, Province with Innovative Planning, Province with Progressive Planning, and also the Best MDGs 2016, where it was top of the podium in the category for Highest Achievement in MDGs in 2015.

The governor of Jakarta, Mr Basuki Tjahaja Purnama said the criteria for assessment included how long it takes people to get a good education, health and clean water. He asserted that he intends to achieve future targets with Smart Jakarta paving the way.

Smart Jakarta is an application developed by the Jakarta government to provide public information about the city. The app uses ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to manage the city’s resources effectively and efficiently. The mission is to create a more prosperous and well run city. The initiative will include a drive for a smart government; with empowerment and participation as the cornerstones, smart people; where an investment in social capital will be strived for and smart economy; with an emphasis on creating more business opportunities.

“Jakarta is the place to be, said Mart Polman, managing director of Lamudi Indonesia, the online property portal. What we’ve seen over the past year is that Jakarta dominates the online search queries. Over one in every five online searches is for property within Jakarta.”


Menteng, the oldest and most exclusive area of Jakarta is where many of the country’s embassies and ambassadors’ residences are located. The large houses here— a remnant from the Dutch colonial era—are stately and elegant. A lot of the buildings are of historical significance, so require special permits to build on. For that reasons not a lot of opportunities arise in the area compared to The Golden Triangle, a favourite for expatriates.

The Golden Triangle is at the heart of the action in the city. The apartment-living lifestyle is very attractive to employees of the nearby major office buildings as commute times are minimal. Both serviced and non serviced apartments are available, making it ideal for young single executives. ***

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