Bingka Bakar
Bingka Bakar – Take a bite of the sweet Bingka Bakar, a simple cake with a distinct Riau Malay taste when you arrive in Batam. Bingka (or also known as Bika) is a typical sweet cake of the Malay ethnic group which is also familiar on the island of Sumatra and other Malay dominated regions.

What makes Bingka Bakar of Batam different from other Bingka (such as the more familiar Bika Ambon of Medan, North Sumatra) is that it is baked rather than steamed, hence the name Bingka Bakar (Bakar in Bahasa Indonesia means barbequed or grilled).

Basically, Bingka Bakar is made of flour, eggs, coconut milk, sugar, and salt, which is uniquely shaped into a blooming flower. Although the original flavor uses Pandan Leaves, nowadays Bingka Bakar also features other flavors such as cheese, chocolate, strawberry, mocha, sesame, corn, durian, peanuts and others. With a soft and tender texture and reasonably sweet (no too overwhelming) taste, Bingka Bakar is a perfect companion for your morning coffee or afternoon tea.

Bingka Bakar is said to have initially been a royal treat for Malay Sultans and was served only at special ceremonies or to honor distinguished guests. The distinct taste of Bingka Bakar was said to have been familiar only among royalty and stayed within the palace walls. However, over time the recipes of the special cake also spread among the common people and was widely developed as a popular dessert. Although it evolved into a modern cake featuring popular flavors, the distinct blooming flower shape is preserved from ancient times.

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