– A healthy body is a blessing to be grateful for and should be taken care of.

One way is to exercise regularly. Exercise is the most effective way to maintain your health and boost immunity. But not all conscious and able to exercise regularly, because busy and confused to find a community or sports venue that is representative and comfortable.

Based on this phenomenon, Batam Pos try to give solution by holding event “Aerobic Competition and Zumba Fitness Party” on September 24th 2017 at Kepri Mall

“Seeing the response of the people of Batam are increasingly enthusiastic with zumba, then we held this event,” said the person in charge of EO Batampos, Herman Mangundap to Batam Pos, Monday (18/9).

This activity is a zumba party and aerobic competition consisting of several categories. ie, categories under 35 years old and over 35 years old, AC group (5 people) and dance (4-8 people).

Registration fee of 50K for participants under and above 35 years, 200K for AC/Dance Group and 75K for Zumba Party. Registration is open until September 24th, 2017

Wanna join this event? You may text via whatsapp +62 812 7017 720 or +62 812 7097 8099

“So far there are about 200 participants who signed up from our 500 target audience,” Herman said.

Herman said, Aerobic Competition and Zumba Fitness Party invites Junko Agus as a guest star who is the first zumba pioneer in Indonesia.

“This is the first time Junko came to Batam. So the rare opportunity should be utilized as best as possible for zumba fans in Batam by joining this event, “lid Herman. (adv/mon)

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