– With less than two weeks on the clock, time is slowly inching forward as we countdown to the 2017 Malaysian F1 Grand Prix at Sepang International circuit. The Grand Prix schedule features Formula 4 – the legacy of F1 in Malaysia.

Formula 4 is the brainchild of Jean Todt, President of the FIA, and his team at the single seater commission.  Recognising the confusing myriad of championships for rookie race families to chose from, the FIA instigated their certified route to professional careers in the sport, via F4, F3, F2 to F1.

Four years ago Lance Stroll was the first F4 champion, and was the first to avail of one the unique benefits of following the FIA pathway, collecting 12 Super Licence points.

Further successes in F3 earned him more Super Licence points, resulting in him having more than the required 45 points to join the Williams F1 team as the youngest ever F1 driver

The FIA F4 SEA Championship consists of 5 events with a total of 30 races. The championship kicks off with six races supporting the Malaysia Formula 1, before moving on to the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and then back to SIC Malaysia for the final round on 10th February 2018.

On Friday the 29th September at the Sepang International Circuit, F4 SEA’s cars will head out on track at 12.50pm to qualify for grid positions for the inaugural 2017 Race 1 scheduled for 5pm.

Race 2 takes place the following day, scheduled for 9.15am with the fastest laps winners from Race1taking their places on the starting grid. Excitement starts at 11.45am when the field will be out on track for Race 3 with the top half of the grid reversed. However without a moment to spare after the chequered flag, the grid reforms almost immediately for the Fourth F4 race.

Formula 1 Race day dawns and as the clock strikes 10am, F4 SEA cars are the first to be let out on track for their penultimate race.

While the rest of the Grand Prix gets on with the jam packed schedule of the day, at 11.40am the F4 brat-pack is out for the last time as the flag drops on Race 6.

Malaysians and the world’s TV Grandstand for that matter will be privy to front row seats to the pinnacle of motorsport held on Malaysian soil, dubbed – The Finale. While this may be a teary-eyed moment for many as the ultimate track weapons of motorsport ceases to echo through the Herman Tilke-designed circuit, it has rejuvenated vital new life to the budding motorsports scene.

The FIA certified Formula 4 SEA Championship, is a prime example of the very provenance of life that F1 has sparked over the 18 years that we’ve had the pleasure of hosting the famed contingent. F4 SEA was created by the governing body of all things motorsports, to cater to the needs of young drivers who’ve graduated the ranks of karting. F4 SEA slots into the base of the pyramid, giving youngsters in Asia a road map that leads to their El Dorado, better known as Formula 1.

The Finale is also the F4 SEA season premier that will put on display a grid full of young drivers, ready to battle it out with one another to emerge victorious atop the podium of champions, clenching hard at the gold of triumph before the congregation of speed.

F4 SEA puts out all of the thrills and spills that open wheel formula racing affords, while furnishing drivers with crucially important FIA F1 Super License Points, which they will use as a measure to further along their motorsport career in the footsteps of those like Jazeman Jaafar and Rio Haryanto.

Please be sure to catch the slew of young heroes as they battle it out on the haloed asphalt of the Sepang International Circuit for the six race competition as part of the supporting race for the Formula 1 Malaysian Finale. Herein below is the event schedule.

Friday 29th September
Practice Session 08:45 – 09:10
Qualifying Session 12:50 – 13:15
First Race (TBC Laps or 25 Mins) 17:00 – 17:30
Saturday 30th September
Second Race (TBC Laps or 25 Mins) 09:15 – 09:45
Third Race (TBC Laps or 25 Mins) 10:55 – 11:25
Fourth Race (TBC Laps or 25 Mins) 12:35 – 13:05
Sunday 1st October
Fifth Race (TBC Laps or 25 Mins) 10:00 – 10:30
Sixth Race (TBC Laps or 25 Mins) 11:40 – 12:10
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