photo: batampos / cecep mulyana – Batuampar Port Development through a collaboration between Pelindo I and Batam Business Entity (BP) was welcomed by businessmen in Batam. They have long been craved for a representative port to boost the flow of goods traffic.

Batuampar Port is the center of traffic flow of industrial goods in Batam. Its development will benefit the industrial world in Batam which depends on the port.

So that Batuampar Port can be a smart port. The aim is to improve the service and smoothness of the logistics system in Batam.

To be a smart port, many concepts and infrastructure must be implemented and built. But the most the important thing is the application of automatic gates and electronic payment applications such as e-billing or e-payment.

The existence of automatic gates is believed to make it easier for port service users to manage logistics activities only through smartphones.

While Pelindo I Director Bambang Eka Cahyana said that many parties had been waiting for this collaboration in Batam. Especially regarding equipment infrastructure facilities and port management services so that in the future it can reduce logistics costs and improve Batam’s competitiveness.

“This is an initial and important step for Batam to increase capacity so that in the future Batam will have a shipping market. shipping market not only stops in Singapore but can enter Batam to meet the needs of all parties,” said the head BP Batam Lukita Dinarsyah Tuwo.

The plan to develop Batuampar Port began with the addition of port capacity from around 400 thousand TEUs to 2 million TEUs. And the value of developing the container the port is believed to reach 160 million US Dollars or around Rp 2.16 trillion. (*)



by: shella / politeknik negeri batam