Mayor of Batam Muhammad Rudi
F Cecep Mulyana / batampos – Mayor of Batam Muhammad Rudi said, management of solid waste management in Batam cannot be separated from the availability of landfill land. Seeing the importance of the existence of this landfill, the government is faced with two choices, that is finding land to replace landfill or strive to extend the age of landfill land use with a technology approach.

The need for efforts to maximize the use of landfill land is due to the limited availability of land in Batam City. This is also because it cannot solve the waste problem completely (zero residues) in waste sources or in TPS through various forms of waste reduction activities through the method of reducing, reuse and recycle (3R).

The mayor explained, “By using waste to energy technology, we can reduce the residual waste processing results to the minimum quantity.”

The choice of waste to energy technology, on the one hand, must be supported by adequate infrastructure, facilities, and infrastructure, but on the other hand, the government has a limited budget to provide the intended infrastructure, so that investment cooperation in the implementation of infrastructure development and PLTSa operations is a very logical choice.

The establishment of Ranperda concerning PLTSa Customs Gate became urgently formed because being an important stimulant encourages the willingness of the business entity to partner.

With the existence of this Ranperda, it will be regulated the provisions concerning the obligation of the government in budgeting gate fees, the principle of calculating the gate fee, the procedure for changing the number of gate fees and the procedure for payment of gate fees. (shella)